The Spears sisters have been at odds for years. The pair have recently made headlines after going back and forth with their recent feud. From Britney calling Jamie out for her book to Jamie asking Britney to stop embarrassing herself, it seemed like a never-ending fight.

However, just recently Jamie Lynn Spears has now come forward and claims that she received an apology from her estranged sister. The ceasefire between Britney Spears and Jamie Lynn Spears has ended, with Britney publicly wishing she had pounded some sense into her sister and their mother when she had the chance.

Britney continues to be enraged by Jamie Lynn’s new book, interviews, and social media posts. In the most recent one, she laments not being “strong enough to do what should have been done” to Jamie Lynn and Lynne ages ago.

… should’ve slapped you and Mamma right across your f***ing faces!!!!!

Britney’s tirade is essentially about how, in her opinion, Jamie Lynn was a privileged younger sibling who rode on Britney’s coattails and lived the good life at home while Britney worked her tail off to support her family. After parting from her father, Jamie Spears, BS accuses her mother of being high on painkillers, alleging Lynne “was more messed up than anything!!!!”

As you may know, Britney has been slamming Jamie Lynn for statements her younger sister makes about Britney’s life in the book “Things I Should Have Said.” The sisters appeared to be on the verge of a truce over the weekend, when Britney claimed she loved Jamie Lynn and Jamie Lynn responded “call me,” but that appears to have gone up in flames tonight.

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