Adele’s exclusive shows in Las Vegas are about to begin, and it seems the singer is in for a bounty full of stardom and money. While she is at it, Caesars made sure the singer lives like the superstar she is.

According to the Sun, Adele will reportedly earn over $6,82,172 per show while living the life of a queen in a posh $40k suite. The British superstar would receive her cut from ticket sales as well as the sale of Adele merchandise at the famous venue. The whopping total of her earnings could easily make the British superstar one of the highest-paid female stars in the history of Las Vegas residencies.

“Adele is the hottest ticket in Las Vegas right now and she’s raking in a pretty penny from it,“ a source told the Sun. “She is expected to make over £500,000 per gig thanks to ticket sales alone, even before the merchandising. “Caesars has rolled out the red carpet to ensure she’s treated like the superstar she is.”

That’s not all. The singing sensation would be putting up in a $40,000 per night private suite. A butler, executive assistant, chauffeur, and security will also be accessible at any time during the residency. Further, Adele and her guests will be able to dine and drink for free at any Caesars resort.

Adele will play a total of 24 shows on weekends at Caesars Palace’s Colosseum between January 21, 2022 to April 16, 2022. Tickets for the same range anywhere between $1000 – $12,280.

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