Benjamin López Palacios was the mayor of Xoxocotla, a city in the south-central Mexican state of Morelos. Palacios was elected in June 2021 after his brother Juan Lopez Palacios was elected but died seven days later of a heart attack. Benjamin was murdered by a Mexican organized criminal gang.

According to Dailymail, a Mexican gang that has not been identified has claimed to be responsible for Mayor Benjamin Lopez Palacios’ murder on Tuesday. The mayor was gunned down at his residence in the municipality of Xoxocotla only 10 days after being inaugurated. The incident gained attention since the group purportedly claimed credit for the murder through a propaganda banner.

According to local media, three individuals came to his house to request assistance for a fictitious project when they opened fire and fled. The criminal organization further warned that it intends to carry out other political assassinations. The group that claimed responsibility for the death targeted a local soccer star turned regional governor, emphasizing his purported ties to other organized criminals.

Blanco rejected the sign on Thursday, saying it made him “laugh” and calling it a “dirty war” that is part of politics. He demanded that the Attorney General’s Office undertake a thorough inquiry into López Palacios’ death. The leader of the criminal gang claimed to have previously “warned” Blanco that they would be targeting state mayors.

“There goes the first one Cuauhtémoc Blanco, don’t send me to talk to fools. Keep playing around and you’re going to run out of mayors, I f******* warned you f*****, here’s the first one. And if you want to know more about who organized the meeting, ask the former treasurer (Alejandro) Villareal, he will be able to give you more exact data, another piece of information, investigate the death of Ray (former Jalisco New Generation cell leader Raymundo Castro), who was interested in him dying in prison(?) Greetings, Cuauhtémoc.”

On Thursday, Interior Minister Adán López called on Mexico’s Office of the Attorney General to look into the matter.

“We respect the judicial branches, we will respect both the local or federal branches where these complaints have been filed. But we do call on the authorities to include all the information found in the investigation file. We urge that the investigation be conducted in accordance with the law and that it be partial.”

Politics is a deadly game that may either make a person powerful or kill him. It will be tough to deal with the situation as long as the criminals are not identified. Keep an eye on Thirsty for further updates.

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