Lebron James has set expectations for his teams so high that they are practically unrealistic. While LA Lakers is busy picking up the pieces of their total annihilation at the hands of the Denver Nuggets, Lebron has come forward to apologize for Lakers’ struggles.

The Lakers were blown out by the Nuggets 133-96. The 37-point beatdown was so thorough that the Lakers were blasted on social media by die-hard fans who had been fed up with their performance. Fans were demanding accountability and urgent changes to turn around their team’s season.

LeBron immediately took to Twitter and posted an apology. The sincere apology came with yet another vow to do more than what they have done. “Laker Nation. I apologize and I promise we’ll be better!” James tweeted.

LeBron is the unquestioned leader of the squad, so his silence after the loss spoke volumes. It was just the second time this season he chose not to speak after a game. This was the worst loss for James personally since February of 2019.

Although there are so many pressing concerns that the LA Lakers have to fix, a heart and effort have to be there above all things. As of now, only a small winning streak can propel the Lakers up.

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