Kanye West’s Adidas Yeezy brand has recently released a slew of new sneakers, which have been well received by fans. Kanye has never shied away from providing something special to his fans, and the Adidas Yeezy 450, which can be seen below, is one such shoe.

So far, the sneaker has only seen a few colorways, and now it appears to be getting another called “Cinder.” The aforementioned “Cinder” colorway can be seen in the photographs below, courtesy of Yeezy Mafia. The upper is made of light brown prime-knit, and the midsole is gradient.

The back of the midsole is dark brown, with lighter brown tones appearing as the shoe approaches the toe box. Overall, it’s a great look, and fans will love the earthy tones that Yeezy is known for.

An Instagram user said: “Stop selling these wonton dimsum 450s!!!” Another stated: “Nah they look like stepping on a pile of s***.” A third person chimed in: “This is the worst looking Yeezy there is.”

“Terrible colorway,” commented another critical fan. Obviously, this new Yeezy drop isn’t for everyone.

While a precise release date has yet to be announced, this shoe is expected to release sometime in the Spring. It seems no matter how big of a genius Kanye West might be as a businessman, designing his sneakers might not be his strong suit.

What do you think of the new Yeezy 450s? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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