Farrah Abraham was arrested Saturday night, according to TMZ, after she allegedly assaulted a security guard at a club. She allegedly assaulted a security guard while drinking with a companion at Grandmaster Records in Hollywood.

Police officers weren’t called at first as someone called for paramedics. However, Abraham was so belligerent they called the police officers for backup. Farrah was taken into custody and released shortly thereafter and it was also not said whether she will be charged or not.

Just recently a user published Farrah Abraham’s arrest video to kick off a Reddit discussion. Eyewitnesses from the scene can be seen talking about the incident. The headline of the discussion read: Eyewitness account of the altercation involving Farrah. Witness admits Farrah attacked “the people that work here.”

A Redditor said: “Tbh she sounds like a drunk person trying to sound sober. Who knows what went down. Not saying Farrah didn’t hit her, she probably did. But if we only have this woman’s story to rely on I don’t think we’ll know what really went down.”

Another stated: “Not to sound ignorant but can you really sue someone for getting punched? I know you can press charges but never thought suing was an option.”

A third person chimed in: “You’re not ignorant. Yes you can sue someone for punching you. You can sue someone for anything at all. Judge could throw it out if it seems like the plaintiff is lying and being litigious. But people tie others up in civil court ALL THE TIME for nonsense. Source: am currently being sued for a fight that happened six years ago.”

A commentator pointed out: “Let accountability finally be served upon Farrah. She’s an awful abusive person. This is not her first run in so to speak. I really hope these people get the justice they deserve if the toll was reversed, Farrah would hand them their a** legally. I hope she gets what’s due to her silly ass.”

The entire Reddit thread is attached with this article along with the video from the discussion. Some of the top comments from the thread are also provided below.

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