Former New York Giants quarterback, Eli Manning, has just had his dream come true. Manning has received an incredible birthday gift from none other than rapper Snoop Dogg.

Earlier this month, the rapper made an appearance on ESPN 2’s “Manning Cast,” where he promised he promised Manning a “Death Row” chain as his 41st birthday gift.

It seems that Snoop has now fulfilled his promise to Manning, as the rapper had the chain delivered to the former athlete on Monday. Manning took to social media to celebrate his birthday present, by unboxing it.

Oh yeah! There she is! This is what we’re talking about!


Manning struggled to get the gold and diamond chain over his head, as he admitted that he has “never had a chain like this before.” Manning also thanked the rapper for the chain.

Snoop, thank you pal. Now I’ll finally fit in with all my neighbors.

Manning also stated that the chain might make an appearance on Monday night’s episode of Manning Cast. The QB promised that he is “definitely gonna be wearing it in the playoff game on Monday Night Football.” Check out the following clip and the picture of the chain.

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