Sunny, a WWE Hall of Famer, had success in the World Wrestling Federation decades ago. Sunny got released from prison a few months ago after serving a year in prison. She was recently arrested for the second time. Tammy Sytch recently discussed her latest arrest and asked for help to search for her missing puppy in the process. Most importantly, Sunny doesn’t want fans to believe the media.

On the 13th of January, Sytch was detained once again. Sunny was charged with two counts of illegally possessing a firearm and one count of the terrorist threat, which was listed as “occurs during a state of emergency.”

According to the cops, she was allegedly threatening to murder her “intimate partner” while brandishing scissors at him. The incident was captured on the police car’s dash camera as it arrived at the incident.

On 14th January, Sytch was discharged from Monmouth County Correctional Facility. She was released after a hearing in which she was ordered to have weekly court appearances and not to possess any firearms. Sytch discusses her recent arrest to her fans.

“I am ok. I am laying low a bit. But I’m m ok. Don’t believe the media. Please don’t.”

Stych also reported that her dog has gone missing. She sought help for her lost dog. So if you’re in the Monmouth County, NJ region, keep an eye out.

Now Sytch is released from Monmouth County Correctional and she found her dog is lost. Let’s see whether she can find her dog or not. To know further updates about Sytch’s ongoing threatening case stay tuned to Thirsty.

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