Kodak Black is without a doubt one of the most divisive artists in the hip-hop world right now. Kodak Black has already generated a year’s worth of headlines at the start of the year. Recently after his car runs out of gas, Kodak Black goes on a rant.

The Trump-pardoned rapper most recently vented his anger on his Instagram story after his car ran out of gas as he was driving. While waiting to be picked up, Kodak came upon a dead opossum that had been run over, which only added to his dissatisfaction. He focused on the road kill as he ranted.

“This girl, we supposed to just be together. I hate that pussy a** sh*t bro. This girl just made me mad, all kinds of sh*t. Threw my whole f***ing vibe off bruh. N***a f***ing ran out of gas, all kinds of sh*t bro. N***a had to pee, all kinds of sh*t. I ran out of gas right by the f***ing exit. Motherf***ing opossum right here… I hate this pussy a** sh*t bro I’m gonna kill somebody!”

It’s unclear which girl he’s referring to in the video. Assuming that his Fiancee broke up with him earlier this week after he had his newly signed singers dance on him at a Florida Panthers hockey game. He appeared to be having sex with her in the stadium suite at first. An additional camera viewpoint revealed it was only dancing, but he was still being unfaithful.

Kodak appears to have had a rocky week. Which girl was he talking about in the video? What do you think? Let us know in the comments. For more updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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