Mariah the Scientist and Young Thug first sparked dating rumors in November after being photographed cuddling in a club by Young Stoner Life, Young Thug’s label. Thug had been in a long-term relationship with years old girlfriend Karlae before this, thus the news surprised fans.

Young Stoner Life, on the other hand, is the label that Jerrika Karlae, Young Thug’s former longtime lover, is signed to. They’ve even collaborated on tracks, such as Lil Duke’s “U Ain’t Smile Enough” from 2018 and Gunna’s “Jimmy Choo” from 2020.

Thug could be involved in a love triangle. Given how long-standing Thug’s relationship with Karlae was, Karlae followers were perplexed when these reports about Thug and Mariah became widely circulated.

Karlae had raised the possibility of marriage with Thug just a few months ago, and she had given him a stunning $100,000 birthday gift. She appears to be on the outside now, gazing in.

Thug and Mariah kept seeing each other after they were initially sighted together, whether it was on a date at an Atlanta Falcons game or in their recent music video for their 2021 joint summer hit “Walked In.”

The videos, which were published earlier this week, show Thug and Mariah getting married and spending time together as a couple. Many people assume they have made their connection public as a result of this. Karlae appeared to have caught wind of this yesterday, as she appeared to tweet that she missed Young Thug

I miss my baby daddy

Karlae replied on a post that implied she was subliminally tweeting at Thug, saying it was interfering up her strategy to perhaps reclaim Thug: “dangggg y’all name dropping , gone mess up my lil motion. all in my bag of chips.”

Since these reports first surfaced, Young Thug has remained silent about his relationships with Karlae and Mariah the Scientist, leaving fans to speculate on how his love life is currently going.

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