Bill Belichick recently had a frustrating day as The Patriots faced an embarrassing defeat through a match with the Buffalo Bills. Even though it was a difficult moment for him, he’s not in any denial about the improper performance that his team showed.

The Patriots had a tough time getting their game off the ground. At one point, they were trying to neutralize an unbelievable score of 27-0 against the Buffalo Bills. However, they ended up accepting defeat with a score of 47-17.

Belichick has called it a season, and aims to have a better response to such losses earlier on. The Patriots themselves have had better seasons when Tom Brady was there to be the all-star quarterback. Mac Jones has maintained himself under tremendous pressure, though it’s not enough.

The coach for the New England Patriots talked to a reporters in a press conference. He had to address the ridicule that he and his team suffered, not even in their recent loss but throughout the season.

We just couldn’t keep up with them tonight. So, [they] certainly deserved to win. Well coached. Team executed well. And we just couldn’t do much of anything. So, we’ll just pick up the piece, go back to work here. Need to find a way to be more competitive.

The Patriots have a lot of good will still resting behind them. However, it is unusual for the six-time winners to perform like that. The Bills had the strategic advantage with Josh Allen’s exciting performance. It seems that Belicheck is figuring out how to get his team back to their superstar status. We will see in the next season how that turns out.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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