Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tested positive for Coronavirus a week ago. Her office released a statement acknowledging the fact while they shared updates on her health. Now, it appears the representative is on her way to recovery.

AOC tested positive shortly after she was spotted without a mask in a Miami bar by National Review. A video started doing circles on the internet which showed the congresswoman lounging up in Florida.

Ocasio-Cortez trip to Florida came during a time when her home state of New York saw a record surge in Covid cases due to the Omicron variant’s spread. She was seen chatting it up with her boyfriend in Miami.

Welp, so it happened. Got COVID, probably omicron. As of today I am thankfully recovered and wrapping up quarantine, but COVID was no joke. For a while I’ve noted the term “mild” is misleading when the bar is hospitalization and death. Even “mild” cases can result in long COVID, which includes a range of conditions like cognitive impairment, POTS, & chronic fatigue. This isn’t to be a downer or induce fear, just a reminder that we need to be careful (N95s in crowded indoor spaces like stores) and if you do get it, it’s key to care for yourself and REST. The idea of forcing people to work just 5 days after symptoms start is sociopathic and 100% informed by a culture that accepts sacrificing human lives for profit margins as a fair trade. The good news is that we have an antidote: community.
If you’ve noticed, much of the emphasis of media conversations on COVID are individualistic: wear a mask, get vaccinated to protect *yourself,* go back to work even w/ symptoms bc *you’re* “fine” (even if you’re not). And while some of these recommendations are good- like getting a vaccine + wearing masks where appropriate, the motivations for them shouldn’t just be selfish. It should also be bc we actually give a damn about other people – our disabled neighbors, our coworkers who haven’t said (and shouldn’t feel obligated to say) they’re immunocompromised, etc.
It’s truly bizarre to me that giving a shit about other people is a polarizing political stance, but my dad used to say that life makes you repeat lessons until you learn them. And if there’s one lesson I think we as a country are repeating until we learn, it’s that community and collective good is our best shot through our greatest challenges – way more than discorded acts of “rugged individualism” and the bootstrap propaganda we’ve been spoon-fed since birth.
Individualism is inadequate for planetary forces like climate change or global pandemics, no less societal ones like healthcare, economic inequity and racism. But WE, as a collective, can confront them. In a world of MEs, let’s build team WE. 💙
Anyways that’s enough for today, stay healthy and blessed and let’s keep building.

Since her positive Covid report six days have passed and the congresswoman took to her Instagram to announce she has successfully recovered from the deadly virus. She posted a slideshow of three photos on the social media platform.

The first picture showed her negative result while in the second she could be seen cuddling up with her dog. Alexandria included a long caption in her post in which she described her recovery and talked about media’s emphasis on individualistic Covid measures.

We urge our readers to get jabbed as soon as possible and wear a mask when outside. Meanwhile, You can check out the congresswoman’s post below.

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