The Voice is a singing reality show that airs in several countries across the world. The show is well-known for its unique method of picking talented singers. The voice of Holland was recently suspended after charges of sexual and power abuse were revealed.

Due to claims of sexually transgressive conduct and misuse of power by show personnel, RTL temporarily canceled the television show The Voice of Holland. Shortly after the announcement on Saturday morning, it was confirmed that composer and keyboardist Jeroen Rietbergen would be leaving the show immediately. A criminal complaint related to a person on the show was also filed this week, according to the Public Prosecution Service.

On Wednesday, the editorial staff of the BNNVARA show BOOS notified RTL of the events. RTL has said that The Voice of Holland would not be broadcast until the claims are examined. “The allegations are very serious and shocking, and RTL was unaware of them,” the broadcaster said in a press release.

“This Saturday, the editors received a confession and apology from the band leader of The Voice, Jeroen Rietbergen. He announced that he will stop his work at The Voice immediately. The Voice of Holland has stated that it was not aware of these abuses and has decided to conduct an independent investigation.”

Late last year, Dutch musician Marco Borsato was also accused of sexually provocative conduct. Borsato also served as a coach on The Voice of Holland from 2011 until 2015. Over the last two decades, Rietbergen has collaborated with Borsato for numerous years. Rietbergen was formerly involved with Linda de Mol, the sister of The Voice originator John de Mol.

The episode detailing their investigation, according to BOOS, will air next week. Tim Hofman, the program’s director, announced the news on Twitter. ITV, the British television network, also responded to the charges.

“We put a huge amount of time and effort into the program. Our show about The Voice of Holland will be broadcast coming Thursday.”

“Our highest priority is to provide a safe and supportive environment for everyone who participates and works on our shows. ITV Studios has a zero-tolerance policy towards the kind of behavior that is said to have taken place. We have immediately ordered an outside investigation.”

In August, Hofman launched his inquiry into charges of power and sexual abuse in talent scouting shows. During his investigation, Hofman acquired evidence from persons who claimed to have witnessed sexually transgressive behaviour on The Voice of Holland.

The allegations are far too serious for a renowned singing reality show. Let’s see what happens next. Keep an eye on Thirsty for more information.

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