The stars of Real Housewives have a large array of fashion choices when filming but sometimes that doesn’t equate to having a great fashion choice. If fans were not enough to roast the people, Andy Cohen jumped in with some remarks of his own.

The Bravo host recently told Vanity Fair that in the early days of the Real Housewives franchise, the ladies did not know how to dress. Nearly 15 years and 11 cities later, Cohen said the Real Housewives’ fashion game has really amped up. The fans, however, are begging to differ based on the latest looks from the ladies of newbie franchise Salt Lake City.

“If you look at the first few years of reunions, Orange County, Atlanta, and New York, they were basically wearing – I don’t even think what they would wear to a cocktail party”

As photos of the RHOSLC reunion looks hit social media, fans reacted to the cast’s outfits and it wasn’t a good one. People were quick to criticize about their choices of dress and accessories. Social media users called their dress “hideous” and “tacky.”

“Was the theme ‘dress you worst?’” one Instagram commenter asked. “I think theme was ‘dress like an exotic bird’ and they nailed it,” another cracked. “I’ve never seen a cast look a hot mess collectively before,” a third commenter noted.

Some pointed to Marks’ light blue, feather-trimmed pantsuit. One commenter noted that her pants were ill-fitting and creased. Others accused her of looking like a Muppet due to her feathery sleeves.

Some stars like Jen Shah clapped back at the critics with some apt replies but we didn’t see much interaction from the RHSLC casts. The reunion outfits didn’t go well with the fans and left them asking for more.

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