Ne-Yo is an R&B tycoon, best known for his blockbuster songs “Let Me Love You” and “One in a Million,” both of which have had over 150 million views. Ne-Yo’s followers enjoyed his songs because of their romantic elements. Recently, Ne-Yo has seen a lot of trends and he recently claimed that the modern R&B genre has lost its romantic element.

In R&B these days, “you my bitch,” according to Ne-Yo, has replaced “I love you.” Many students who met their first love in high school had a childhood recollection of Ne Yo. The R&B singer appears to be disappointed with today’s R&B tracks, claiming that “love is not a trend.”

Ne-Yo expressed his disappointment in an exclusive interview with Page Six.

“R&B music definitely has as gone through an era that is much harsher than we all remember.”

“‘I love you’ became ‘you my b*tch.’ Now it’s like, okay, we got to move with the times but at the same time, love is not a trend or a fade. It’s not something that is supposed to go out of style. It’s like saying water is going out of style. No, you need it to live.”

“I definitely feel like the way that love has been approached as of late may have something to do with why relationships are not lasting as long as they once did.”

“People don’t look at it the right way. It’s like everyone looking for love got some conditions on it. If he ain’t got this much money; if she ain’t got that much booty. Or whatever. And that is always going to be an issue for genuine love; genuine true love.”

The rapper also said that should “turn their eyes and ears off for a second” and “turn their hearts on,” he urged. Ne Yo is 42 years old and the father of five children.

“To genuinely love somebody outside of what you can see, touch, taste and smell … It runs deeper than that. I feel like once we get back to that then it will come back in the music and then everything will be all right.”

The “Sexy Love” singer will host the Urban One Honors in 2022, with Eva Marcille serving as the backstage host. Jennifer Hudson, Jimmy Jam, and Terry Lewis will be honored as Icon Recipients. The TV One Urban One Honors will air on January 17th at 8 p.m. To get more updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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