Triple H is all over the news and sometimes it’s for the wrong reasons. ROH and NJPW ran a Madison Square Garden G1 Supercard show in 2019. Despite this particular event happening several years ago, it is back in the news. This is largely due to Triple H.

Madison Square Garden had long been seen as the spiritual home of WWE. However, in recent years the company had moved the majority of its New York shows to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Due to the immense popularity of New Japan Wrestling Pro and Ring of Honor in 2018, the companies announced a joint show that would emanate from the world’s most famous arena, Madison Square Garden.

Although the move looked like a direct shot at WWE, fans were excited though as 60% of tickets sold out during the pre-sale, and the remaining tickets sold out in just 16 minutes. However, this didn’t seem to sit well with WWE.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer has now reported that Triple H himself was allegedly trying to get Madison Square Garden to cancel the booking.

“Has WWE worked to keep different wrestling companies out of venues that they run? Absolutely. That’s happened since the beginning of time. It’s one of the reasons why there’s only been two shows scheduled,” said Dave. “I believe, for Madison Square Garden, one of them ended up being moved to the Felt Forum which was the AAA show that they weren’t able to block.”

“They did, the Ring Of Honor and New Japan show a couple of years ago, they sold out on the first day and WWE did get that blocked. Paul Levesque called up Madison Square Garden and said ‘we don’t want you booking that show.’”

MSG did try and cancel the booking but Sinclair Broadcasting which owns Ring Of Honor threatened the arena with a lawsuit.

Things have now started to look bad for WWE. Although the incident took place several years ago, it is back in the news. Major League Wrestling’s has decided to lodge an anti-trust lawsuit against WWE. The lawsuit alleges WWE tried to disrupt MLW’s business in various ways.

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