Fivio Foreign had an impressive year in 2021 by any measure. He featured on Kanye West’s “Off the Grid” and had successful collaborations with Lil Tjay, Pop Smoke, and Polo G. Fivio is already claiming that 2022 belongs to him. He’s even looking to step his game up and collab with Eminem in the future.

Fivio is also never afraid to be outspoken about whatever’s on his mind. For SupaDupaHumble’s Dirty Street Confessions series, Fivio Foreign was questioned about his craziest sexual actions, and he had much to tell.

During his upbringing, the Brooklyn drill rapper admits to having sex with his sister’s sister while his sister was in the same room.

My sister, she been left the house, right. She came back, she spent the night in my house with her sister from her father’s side. She wanted to f*ck me. I was a kid, I was like in high school. My sister’s sister, she wasn’t related to me. I f*cked her.

He then added why it was the worst. It was because his sister was in the room and it was nighttime. They were all asleep-sleepover thing and he had to go viral on her, and he just felt like he shouldn’t have done it. Fivio Foreign disclosed in another footage from the interview that he had a threesome with a pregnant woman and that he engages in anilingus.

He also said that he has a foot fetish and described a moment when he was given a foot-job, which he plans to pursue more in the future. Fivio Foreign has an album in the works for 2022 as well. It will be his studio full-length debut. The new record is called “B.I.B.L.E.” Take a look at his interview below.

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