NBA Youngboy is doing well professionally, but he is still entangled in legal issues. The youngster is still under house arrest and will remain so until his case is resolved. The restriction did not stop Youngboy from doing what he wanted. While NBA is still under house arrest, his attorneys are seeking to show that the police’s search warrant against him was improper.

NBA YoungBoy remains under severe house arrest in chilly Layton, Utah. His defence team is attempting to persuade a judge that the search warrant used in their pursuit of prosecuting him in his March 2021 felony firearms case was a “blank check” and flawed.

YoungBoy’s counsel said that police went to great lengths to get hours of personal film discovered on cameras. They also confiscated the Macbook laptop of YoungBoy’s personal photographer, Marvin Ramsey. The laptop assisted police in connecting YB to a pair of weapons and arresting him in September 2020.

The assertion was supposedly revealed in a file acquired by Rolling Stone.

“Officers used this vague warrant as a blank check that they clearly did not believe limited their discretion in any way to search what they wanted, when they wanted.”

“If the judge had meant to authorize a search of the items after they were seized, she would not have ordered the items to be held pending further orders.”

A federal court in Louisiana has yet to rule on YB’s attorney’s accusations. He was freed from jail on October 26 and will be under house arrest in Utah for the rest of his case.

NBA In the meantime continues to provide his passionate fan base with songs. Following his collaboration with DaBaby on “Bestie/Hit” earlier this week, the Baton Rouge native will release his Colors mixtape on January 14. Let’s see whether YoungBoy’s lawyers can get him out of the lawsuit. Keep an eye on Thirsty for further updates.

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