Azealia Banks is definitely one of the most established female rappers in the Hip-Hop world. On top of that, she is also known to be very judgmental and go after several other musicians. It seems she has set her sights on Kanye West yet again.

Azealia Banks has a very interesting relationship with Kanye West. From wanting him to put a baby into her to writing a very explicit song called ‘Fu*k All Night,’ which is about Kanye West, there is simply no telling what she will do next.

However, while many fans believed Azealia Banks had a crush on Kanye West, it seems she has done a complete 180 now. The rapper took to her Instagram Stories and eviscerated the ‘Donda’ rapper as she called him useless garbage.

Azealia Banks revealed she has turned down doing a collab with Kanye West twice in one week. Banks also stated that she would rather do a collaboration with Doja Cat.

“Just turned down a Kanye collab request twice in one week. He’s like officially useless garbage on his own. If he can stop being corny and make amends with Jay for watch the throne 2 (which prob won’t happen, Jay doesn’t play that dirty dope head sh*t) I *might* consider… But Id rather collab with Doja Cat than Kanye at this point. She’s making better music than him.”

It is interesting to see Azealia Banks praising Doja Cat of all people as she has blasted Cat’s music and even body-shamed her in the past. It simply seems as if her hatred for Kanye West exceeds her hate for Cat right now. It is also doubtful Kanye West will ever respond to what Banks said.

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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