Soulja Boy seemed to be overjoyed that his naked photos have surfaced on the internet. In fact, after someone posted explicit images from his OnlyFans account, he’s been effectively spreading the word that his pictures are readily available on social media.

Big Draco (emphasis on the big) retweeted hundreds of his admirers’ reactions to the photographs in the last few hours, particularly those who claim he earns his “Big Draco” moniker. Soulja Boy is one of many rappers who utilize OnlyFans as a side hustle to supplement their income.

He was unfortunate enough to have a photo leak after one of his subscribers allegedly screenshotted and released his graphic photos on Twitter. A photo of the rapper in his underpants was leaked, as was another of him pulling down the waistband.

We won’t put these photographs in the article because of their nature, but they’re out there. Many of Soulja’s fans are swooning over the photographs, shooting their shots with him, and complimenting him on his physique. Some individuals have even suggested that Soulja is “half horse” in his comments, and judging by the photographs, they are correct.

The 31-year-old artist seemed unconcerned by the leak, using it as a promotional weapon and sharing the official link with his OnlyFans, where he will almost certainly witness a surge in followers over the next few days. Take a look at some of Soulja Boy’s retweeted replies below.

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Gunjan Nath

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