Clubhouse has earned a reputation for being a platform where people go to vent and have fights. During the quarantine lockdown, the app gained to prominence and became a standard for celebrities to enter rooms to speak with fans and the media, and it is now a standard for individuals seeking to resolve disagreements.

After their Clubhouse feud, Karen Civil and Joyner Lucas became a trending subject, and it appears that Roddy Ricch has engaged in a back-and-forth with Yah-L, a rumored Crip from Los Angeles. According to rumors, Roddy has been accused of “false flagging,” and he confronted Yah-L about the claims on Clubhouse.

I got phone calls, text messages, I’m seeing on the internet I’m false flagging. I wanna know what’s going on.

Who’s sayin’ I’m not from the hood? You saying I’m not from the hood?! I’m asking you a question… You ain’t see me get put on to Blacc Macc?… Alright, champ, three n*****, put two of them down, that ain’t official? I know a lot of little homies that ain’t get their official, n****.

Roddy continued to give Yah-L the benefit of the doubt when he stayed firm. He ignored Yah-L’s advice to watch his tone, and they proceeded to talk over each other. “You ever touched a million dollars? I’m asking you a question. You ever touched a million dollars before?” Roddy snapped. “I’m asking you do you know what that feel like? ‘Cause you here talking about another n**** for free. Laughing. You laughing and I’m asking you a question.”

Yah-L became enraged and told Roddy that the genuine ones had not assisted him in earning the money. “You playing internet games on some sh*t—I don’t even know how to use this Clubhouse sh*t. I had to call Wack four, five times, he callin’ me. You thirty, forty years old using this app, n****, I’m twenty-three. I don’t even know how to use this sh*t. ‘Cause I’m over here trying to make the Forbes again this year, man.”

Yah-L was attempting to bring Roddy down without addressing all that he has done for his community. Roddy also included the names of people from his neighborhood who have followed in his footsteps and gone on to start their own businesses. He also denied that he was avoiding Compton, claiming that he shot all of his music videos there until his debut album and was there so frequently that his label forced him to leave and film somewhere else.

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