Hip-hop music has seen its fair share of lawsuits and court disputes, and it appears that two of the genre’s icons are at the center of one this time. Rappers don’t mess around when it comes to collecting their debts. Artists frequently fight their fellow creators or labels over unpaid royalties, and according to Page Six, Pete Rock is prepared to sue Nas.

Rock claims he’s been trying for decades to get Nas and his crew to pay up, but he’s now drafting a lawsuit. This suit dates back to 1994, when Nas released Illmatic, his brilliant debut studio album. Rock argues that someone needs to write him a check because the legendary record continues to reach new heights in Top 10 rankings.

Nas and his people have stonewalled me since 1994; My New Year’s resolution is to be compensated for my hard work on ‘Illmatic’.

Rock claims Nas signed a deal allowing the producer a part of the earnings from the famous hit ‘The World Is Yours,’ a number that’s currently in the millions of dollars. He claimed that he tried to collect from Nas but that nothing came of it, despite the fact that he has a writer credit on the record and provided vocals.

Now, it doesn’t appear that Pete Rock has filed the case yet, but it’s been rumored that he’s planning to do so later this month. Hip-hop enthusiasts are hoping that this one can be resolved without the involvement of the court. We’ll keep you informed about the case’s progress. Check out the link to Illmatic below.

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