Kim and Pete are living up to their reputation as the most outgoing bi-coastal couple. The two were spotted on yet another date. This is their first public date after Bahamas vacation.

Pizza and other Italian food places seem to be Kete‘s go to spot. Italian restaurants in NYC and Staten Island to be particular. Pete took Kim to a favorite spot of his in Staten Island for pizza and pasta when they first started going out.

This time around, the couple hit up Jon & Vinny’s on Fairfax Tuesday night. Which is quite a famous Italian-inspired spot for pizza and pasta. From there, TMZ reports that the couple went on over to a local Rite Aid where they each grabbed some Thrifty ice cream for dessert.

The two were pretty discreet but the paparazzi got them anyway. They tried their best to hide by sitting at a table in the back, entering and exiting from the restaurant’s rear entry. However, as per The Sun a fellow diner Michael Bellavia reported that he saw them kissing.

They were there around 8pm last night. Just the two of them. Corner booth. Him facing out to the restaurant and her facing just him. They were kissing at their table. They were definitely intimate and leaning into each other during the date.

The pair has been inseparable over the last few weeks. They spent most of their holidays in L.A. but Kim couldn’t spend NYE with Pete. The two went on to a little vacation as soon as Pete was done hosting his New Year special with Miley Cyrus.

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Shifa Jahan

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