COVID-19 variants are appearing every other day and navigating though this pandemic has been a nightmare. Planning for the future has been tough because, well, no one knows what the future holds. In recent weeks, the Flurona (influenza and COVID-19 at the same time) and Deltacron (Delta and Omicron variants together) have taken over, collaborating and producing mixtapes.

CTV in Canada provided an update on the Deltacron situation this week, including a photo of the virus taken in a lab. Deltacron variant looks eerily similar to Future’s album cover for DS2, which was released in 2015.

The network’s quote tweets were immediately flooded with hip-hop fans who realized that Atlanta rapper Future might have been ahead of his time. An image of the Deltacron variant virus looks nearly identical to Future’s album cover.

Future fans can detect the purple, blue, and pink smoke cloud from DS2 anywhere, as it is one of his most impactful albums. Those same blue and purple tones shocked admirers as they gazed at the Deltacron image, recognizing a clear connection.

Under the crowded Twitter thread, one person joked, “Future’s influence is unmatched.” Another someone retouched the Deltacron image and added Future’s logo, portraying it as the rapper’s latest release. Was the pandemic foreshadowed on the cover of the DS2 album? A curated set of reactions can be seen below.

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Gunjan Nath

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