Cuban Doll is one of Instagram’s most influential models and best known as a fitness guru. She gained a lot of notoriety as a result of her relationship with 50 Cent. Jamira Haines, 50 Cent’s girlfriend recently slams those who accused her of having cosmetic surgery.

Someone accused her of getting her nose pierced on Instagram. This acquisition triggered Jamira Haines. She slammed those who accused her of doing cosmetic surgery.

Whenever Jamira Haines, aka Cuban Link, appears on social media, it’s either in modeling shots, showcasing her opulent lifestyle, or joking around with boyfriend 50 Cent. Haines doesn’t usually engage in verbal sparring with trolls or Fif’s followers looking for a chuckle at her expense. Recently, she had to take a few minutes to round up a few detractors who had something to say about her appearance.

“Got that nose done!” one Instagram use wrote under one of Haines’ photographs. Not only did she respond, but she also called out to anyone who had something to say on her Instagram Story.

“Girl sthu. i ain’t get sh*t done . I’m sick of y’all . it’s a damn filter ! Finna start cussing y’all dumbasses out ! I’m sick of y’all! I looked the same my entire life .. ain’t sh*t changee .. I’m NATURALLY that girl .. & I stand on that ! Y’all brainwashed mf’s can’t pull my card . EVER ! & thats as much energy as I’m finna give y’all pea brain asses !”

“[And] if you say ‘ i shouldn’t respond to them ‘ ima block you ! Stfu too ! Lmao.” 

It appears that 50 Cent handing a leading woman who handles things on her own. To know more about your favorite celeb stay tuned to Thirsty.

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