Timbaland has been slammed by music fans in recent days after he shared a message about one of the industry’s biggest giants, Quincy Jones. Jones has unrivalled industry clout. He’s been actively involved in the creation of music since the early 1950s, and he’s cooperated with the greatest of the best throughout his career.

Jones was also in charge of the production of three of Michael Jackson’s most successful albums, including Thriller, Off The Wall, and Bad, which Timbaland highlighted in a social media post. Timbaland decided to highlight the values that Jones provided to the industry, but in a different way.

Quincy Jones Started Producing When He Was A Teenager But Didn’t Get His Bit Hit ‘Thriller’ Until He Was 50 Years Old… You Never Know When Your Big Break Will Come So Never Give Up!

Now, music lovers have made Timbaland a hot topic of discussion this evening because hundreds of them have taken to social media sites to criticize him. Jones was a well-known personality in music before his collaboration with Jackson on Thriller, having contributed to over two dozen film scores and soundtracks, including Sanford & Sons, The Italian Job, Roots, and The Wiz.

Furthermore, Jones’ rendition of Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me to the Lunar,” performed with Count Basie’s orchestra, was the first piece of music played aboard NASA’s moon mission. Jones had already won an Emmy Award and 11 Grammy Awards, as well as four Oscar nominations, by the time he worked on Thriller.

Timbaland followed up with another Instagram post showing him sitting for an interview and stating that he spoke with Quincy about it, noting that Jones had a good career prior to this, but that when a creative has their Thriller moment, it changes everything, and it can happen at any age.

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