Mississippi-based rapper Slim Jxmmi is using the oldest excuse in the book, claiming that his Twitter account was hacked following a controversial post. He recently tweeted that he was “smashing pornstars” in Las Vegas. After his girlfriend responded to the tweet, the rapper, the rapper addressed the hack.

The now deleted tweet read, “Just got done smashing this pornstar on her only fans. Vegasssss on demon time.” Kiara, his girlfriend, found out about the post and confronted him, stating, “Yeah ok. Play if you want to.”

Jxmmi’s hacked account retorted to her comment, saying, “Yktv I f*ck h*es on u every week it ain’t nun new. Stop complaining u signed up for this.” Kiara instantly informed her fans that Jxmmi’s phone had been hacked, posting a video of the rapper stating that he doesn’t even have access to it.

Kiara, I don’t even have my phone. Literally. Only reason I know that my page is hacked is because Amanda called G-Lo and told him to tell me. I don’t even have my phone.

Then Jxmmi’s girlfriend tweeted that Jxmmi was hacked, and blogs are still publishing it as if it were real despite the fact that they can easily tell he was hacked. She concluded saying that social networking is a nightmare. Do you believe this was a mistake on Jxmmi’s side or that he was hacked? In any case, something smells fishy here.

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Gunjan Nath

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