Lil Yachty will be playing with his creativity when it comes to his next album. Last week, Lil Boat got down for an interview at ATL jewelry staple Icebox to pick up another Concrete Boys chain celebrating his label imprint. He also discussed his plans for his next LP.

Yachty decided to change his entire dynamic. He seemingly suggested his fans to leave the old Lil Yachty in the past for a while. He assured that with this album, he is going to take creative music a whole lot differently.

My new album is a non-rap album. It’s alternative, it’s sick! I’ve always wanted to [do one] but now I’ve met all these amazing musicians and producers. It’s like a psychedelic-alternative project. It’s different and it’s all live instrumentation.

Lil Yachty has never shied away from taking artistic chances in the past. In October 2021, he collaborated on a “Breathe Deeper” remix with Tame Impala, putting his musical abilities to the test. Throughout the pandemic, the 24-year-old has kept busy in the music industry.


With Lil Boat 3.5, his most recent album, he clashed with a slew of Michigan-based rhymers for the Michigan Boy Boat mixtape, which was released in April 2021. Lil Yachty’s Icebox journey is chronicled in detail in the interview below. Shortly after the two-minute mark, talk of his record begins.

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