DaniLeigh has always managed to get involved in controversy one way or the other. She has been receiving a lot of negative backlash for the “Yellow Bone” controversy. Despite apologizing, fans are still after her and continue to bash the singer on social media.

DaniLeigh gave birth to a baby girl back in August. Speculation ran rampant that DaBaby was the father. Eventually, DaBaby seemingly confirmed everyone’s suspicion as well.

Recently, DaniLeigh flaunted her baby-faced images from her first modelling job with a minor company, as well as her early days in Los Angeles. If there’s one thing that social media trends are excellent for, it’s recurrence every few years. We’re seeing yet another wave of social media users posting images of themselves now alongside photos of themselves from ten years ago, and celebrities have joined the fray.

DaniLeigh has been posting more optimistic postings online recently, including gorgeous photographs of her baby girl who looks like her mini version, despite her recent struggles. The 27-year-old singer also took part in the 10 Year Challenge and shared some photos of herself as a teen.

[Ten] year challenge bruh [crying emoji] this is all my hair. These years I was heavy dancing and jus moved to LA.

DaniLeigh also uploaded an image from her work with Prince, her old mentor, where she commented on the length of her hair and that she wanted it would grow long today. DaniLeigh directed the music video for the late icon’s track “Breakfast Can Wait” when she was 18 years old.

It seems like only yesterday that the “10 Year Challenge” was making the rounds on apps and platforms, and now it’s making a comeback. Take a look at the pictures and DaniLeigh’s trip down memory lane below.

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H/T to HotNewHipHop.

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