Krayzie Bone of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony has now been reflecting on the infamous fight which took place on Verzuz. The incident seems to have a pretty big impact on the outlook of the artist.

The altercation started after Bizzy Bone called out Three 6 for mocking him on stage during the performance. Krayzie says he was distracted by the performance and didn’t understand what was going on. Bone couldn’t have imagined a brawl to break out suddenly and was unpleasantly surprised by the incident.

Krayzie felt uneasy when the DJ dropped Bone Thugs’ single “Buddah Loverz” He complained about the song being too slow to match the energy that Three 6 was hitting them with. Only after that did Bizzy began to accuse his opponents of slow dancing to mock him on stage.

“I didn’t even hear what Bizzy said, I didn’t hear none of the conversation they were even saying on the … I thought Bizzy was just about to grab the mic and talk some sh*t like everybody else was doing. So I’m back there and I see all the security guards rushing the stage, while I’m walking toward the back of the stage. Our security is running from backstage to the stage. I turn around, and everybody is on the stage. I’m like, ‘What the f*ck is going on?’ And I’m standing there, pissed.”

Looking back at the whole incident makes Bone feel stupid and headless. “We look like assholes on national fucking TV right now,” he recalled thinking. Although people were giving mixed reactions, he thought he did the right thing at that moment.

Krayzie is just thankful that the brawl did not result in sending people to the hospital. Everyone was alive and that was enough. They were able to end the show comfortably without anyone being hurt.

Now that the skirmish ended on good terms, all they can do is just reflect back on the things that happened on the show. Fans were relieved that everything cooled down as time went by and all the artists were mature enough to settle their differences.

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