Adele had the best-selling album in Australia for most of December. She was followed by Ed Sheeran, and then there was a collection of incredible bangers that caught everyone off guard. Songs Of Disappearance is a collection of endangered Australian bird sounds. It was temporarily No. 3 on the country’s top 50 albums ranking last month, ahead of Taylor Swift.

The record was produced by Anthony Albrecht’s along with his arts organization, the Bowerbird Collective. He’s a musician and a Ph.D. student at Charles Darwin University, where professor Stephen Garnett is his advisor. Albrecht made a recent comment on the project.

I knew it was an ambitious thing to suggest and — I don’t know. Stephen’s a little bit crazy like me, and he said, let’s do this.

Songs Of Disappearance was issued in conjunction with a university investigation revealing that one in every six Australian bird species is now endangered. A total of 53 species are shown in the album. Some, but not all, sing what you may interpret of as bird songs.

Sean Dooley represents the conservation organization Birdlife Australia. The proceeds from album sales directly benefit Birdlife Australia, and Dooley says the increased awareness can make a difference. The paper from Charles Darwin University and Birdlife Australia details triumphs in conserving endangered birds, with the goal that if these tweets go viral, more species will be rescued.

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