Lil Mosey was charged with second-degree rape back in April 2021, but he pleaded not guilty. The rapper cited past acts of consensual sex with the alleged victim as justification. However, a judge would not allow their previous sexual experiences to be disclosed in court, according to TMZ, with one caveat.

Last month, the “Blueberry Faygo” rapper and his legal team requested the court for permission to present evidence that reportedly demonstrates he’s had many consensual sexual encounters with the woman. They were all eventually denied in January 7.

Lil Mosey sexually assaulted the accused victim at a cabin in Washington state after she and a girlfriend travelled to the hidden location to meet up with Mosey, according to the alleged victim. She allegedly consented to having sex with the 19-year-old in a vehicle after indulging in White Claws and champagne, but then blacked out.

She claimed Lil Mosey jumped on top of her and pushed her legs apart so he could have intercourse with her again a short time later. While Mosey was pushing her legs, the woman felt agony in her leg muscles. She alleged another man was pressing himself on her after she came to her senses.

The initial consenting acts are “irrelevant,” according to prosecutors, because Mosey was charged with rape solely on the basis of the woman’s inability to consent due to intoxication. The court plainly sided with the prosecutors, but Mosey’s lawyers will be allowed to record what transpired in the car in order for him to explain why his DNA was found on her body.

Lil Mosey was served with a pre-trial protection order in May, barring him from approaching his alleged victim within 500 feet. The court filing, which was filed in Lewis County, prohibits Mosey from obtaining or possessing a firearm or obtaining a concealed handgun license. He was ordered to relinquish all firearms to the Sheriff’s Office and to remain sober at all times.

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