Meek Mill has long been one of the most fascinating, and occasionally perplexing, Twitter users in the rap game. There have been countless occasions when Meek Mill’s tweets have left followers perplexed, asking why a man his age is tweeting the things he does.

Meek took a break from social media roughly two months ago, on November 11, due to the toxicity he had been experiencing on platforms like Twitter. In two different tweets, he explained how difficult it may be to witness what he sees on social media on a regular basis.

Meek returned to Twitter almost a month later, on Christmas, and resumed his normal routine on the platform. He recently tweeted that he’s “happy as hell” sober instead. Meek Mill has never used a filter on Twitter, which can lead to him being more honest and transparent about his life.

Meek Mill tweeted on Saturday, Jan. 8 about how weed has been lowering his mood recently, and how he likes to stay sober the majority of the time.

I smoke weed everyday and get depressed and soon as I get high …, I be happy as hell sober lol it just helps me think deeper and more realistic lol.

Fans suggested alternative strains he might try in the comments section of the tweet, as well as how he should “smoke to think” rather than “to feel.” In any case, it’s encouraging to see Meek understanding and responding to situations that have a detrimental impact on his mental health.

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