Riley Christian and Maurissa Gunn have a history of falling in love at first sight. Fans were convinced that the couple will marry at the end of Bachelor in Paradise. The couple was head over heels in love, but Maurissa recently hinted that she is now single in an Instagram post.

The pair didn’t appear to spend New Year’s Eve together. Fans noticed that a few images of Maurissa and Riley were missing from her Instagram profile. The two haven’t posted a single picture together in these recent days.

Maurissa and Riley have remained tight-lipped about their engagement. There are some new signs that the two have parted ways. Fans are now hoping that announcement is on its way.

Maurissa posted a video of herself with an intriguing caption on her Instagram Stories on January 8, 2022. Fans speculated that this implied she had lately left the apartment she shared with Riley and they flooded the post with comments.

“Random urge to do my hair knowing I don’t have any hair products in my house.”

“The caption might mean that she has already moved out of Riley’s apartment [and] back to Atlanta.”

“The thing I’m mostly wondering about is whether she moved out without Riley knowing because wouldn’t she pack up her stuff before moving out of his apartment?? Maybe they had a big fight and she had to get out asap.”

Maurissa smiled as she gazed into the camera with her messy hair in her most recent Instagram Story. Maurissa wasn’t wearing her engagement ring in the video.

The two had already chosen to join Cameo in order to supplement their income after “Paradise.” As of this writing, their Cameo had been halted.

Fans are convinced that this relationship has ended. To get more updates on this story, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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