Pete Davidson is a favorite of the people. His exciting energy and chill attitude helps him captivate his audience. Recently, fans got to see the comedian jamming out on stage. Jack Harlow recently welcomed Pete on stage with him, because why wouldn’t he?

The Saturday Night Live star pulled in a huge crowd for a Friday frenzy night as he jumped on stage to perform with Jack Harlow. Fans were surely exhilarated with the unexpected guest at the venue.

Jack was performing at The Novo in L.A, when he invited Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend to join him. Pete rose up to the occasion to entertain the fans. The pair danced around the stage as they performed “SUVs(Black on Black).”

People in the crowd couldn’t believe their eyes as Pete joined Jack on stage. The reaction highlighted how Pete’s celebrity status has skyrocketed since he started dating Kim. It’s not to say Pete wasn’t a celeb before, but dating the fashion icon has brought him up to another level.

Pete and Jack share a history as the pair have been best of friends for a while. The pair was spotted hanging out together last March, so at the very least they’re pandemic buds. The same month Jack appeared on “SNL” as the musical guest and even did a skit with Pete.

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Shubham Banerjee

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