Matt Ryan’s choice of words against Jordan Poyer during a game has cost him a hefty amount as fine. It’s very easy to lose temper in a high intensity game like football and Ryan displayed it well.

Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan received his first taunting penalty in nearly 14 NFL seasons during a week 17 loss to the Buffalo Bills. It’s not clear as to what was the actual exchange of words. Regardless of what was said, one of the officials threw a flag on Ryan and penalized him for taunting.

The Falcons needed two touchdowns to catch up to Buffalo at the time. Matt Ryan had almost scored one early in the fourth quarter. The league reviewed the score and determined that the QB was just short of the end zone.

According to several reports, the NFL has fined Ryan roughly $10,300 for the taunting penalty. It comes to double down the pain of losing to the Buffalo Bills. It turns out that Ryan’s taunt was not just costly on the field, but also off the field.

“Football is an emotional game. There are lots of things that are said out there, I’m disappointed in myself that the timing cost us I didn’t think it was anything that bad. Quite frankly, I didn’t think it was taunting, but that’s my opinion. Whether I agree with what they call, it’s up to their discretion. I’ve never been called for it before. I was surprised that it was called there, but those are tough calls for the officials too.”

Matt Ryan is widely recognized for his professionalism on and off the field. Neither Ryan nor Bills safety Jordan Poyer, the other party involved in the play, revealed what was said. Ryan mentioned that he didn’t consider it worthy of a flag.

Lamenting the sequence that harmed the Falcons comeback attempt wouldn’t change the event. The rules are rules and no one can escape it. Players will have to watch what they say on the pitch to avoid such instances.

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