Eminem is a major figure in the music industry with millions of fans tuning in to his songs. The rapper who started his career over two decades ago before the streaming era still has a major pull. Recently, he reached another milestone in his career.

Marshall Mathers remains an undeniable streaming leader on YouTube in the Hip-Hop category. However, his popularity seems to branch out all across the world. His name is on par with the hottest pop acts with Canada being the most loyal.

According to Chartmasters’ data, Em stayed at the #1 spot that he held last year. He raked in 150 million streams in Canada, that is more than their home legend, The Weeknd. The “Dawn FM” artist raked in 126 million new streams, 24 million less than Em.

However, in UK, Em came in second with Ed Sheeran getting the #1 spot. The English singer released his new album this year. Marshall secured 229 million streams in UK just behind Ed who had 291 million streams.

A similar situation can be seen in Australia. The gap between Em and Ed Sheeran is no more than 200,000 views in the country. To get these astonishing numbers under his belt without adding anything to his discography is an achievement in itself. This only goes to show the rapper’s never-ending potential to attract new listeners.

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