Meghan Markle, The Duchess of Sussex, came out victorious in her nearly three-year legal battle against Associated Newspapers. The Duchess of Sussex sued the British tabloids for infringing on her privacy and copyright by publishing a private letter she wrote to her father prior to her wedding to Prince Harry. The judge ruled in Meghan’s favor after nearly three years that includes an unsuccessful appeal by Associated Newspapers.

Meghan Markle won her lawsuit against the Mail on Sunday, MailOnline, and the tabloids’ publisher, Associated Newspapers, after a long legal battle. The Duchess of Sussex was given a token £1 (about $1.36) in damages from the newspaper for breaching her privacy, but she will also receive a significant sum from the tabloids for copyright violations.

According to court documents obtained by Harper’s Bazaar, Associated Newspapers is paying Meghan a “substantial” undetermined amount in damages for infringing on her copyright. Meghan has already announced her plans for the money, telling Harper’s Bazaar that she will donate the “significant” sum to an anti-bullying foundation.

Meghan’s choice to donate the damages to an anti-bullying charity isn’t surprising. She and Prince Harry have both spoken out against online abuse and bullying, including Meghan’s personal experience of being bullied by the British tabloid press. Meghan has also been accused of bullying her former palace workers, which she has denied.

The British High Court judge also ruled that the tabloid had to print a front-page apology to Meghan. The outlet complied with a notice on the Sunday, December 26 edition of the paper, which read, ”The Duchess of Sussex wins her legal case for copyright infringement against Associated Newspapers for articles published in The Mail on Sunday and posted on MailOnline,” and continued on the third page of the paper.

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