Jessica Chastain gets a lot of work, but she has her limits. There will always be things that you never want to do at any cost. It goes the same for both people who watch the screen and those on the other end of it. For Jessica Chastain, that one thing would be singing on screen, because she would rather go full-nude.

In the movie “The Eyes Of Tammy Faye” Jessica Chastain played a character who is known for her singing. Eventually she had to sing to act out her character. Apparently she would rather be bare body on screen than sing.

On the “The Late Late Show,” Corden complimented Chastain’s singing voice. Chastain, on the other hand, is not really a fan of singing in camera.

“I would rather do full nudity than sing a song, I felt so embarrassed and so just completely out of element and out of my comfort zone. And especially in ‘Tammy Faye,’ she was so confident from the first note. She’s yelling up to Jesus. It’s just beyond anything I’ve ever been comfortable with.”

Jessica Chastain has been nominated twice at the Oscars, but unfortunately she did not win any of them. The Critics Choice Awards, however, had her back when they gave her Best Actress for “Zero Dark Thirty” In 2012. She’s nominated again this year for playing the title role in “The Eyes of Tammy Faye.”

If singing on screen is really not her forte then it’s going to get really nasty in the upcoming time. Chastain will have to sing in her next role as the country singer Tammy Wynette. She will play the famous singer in the TV series “George and Tammy” alongside Michael Shannon as country singer George Jones.

Chastain’s latest movie, The 355, has got very average reviews and has left the fans wanting for more. We will be hoping she gets over the fear and embarrassment of singing on screen and give us more amazing performances that she is absolutely capable of.

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