Fat Joe definitely has a sense of right and wrong in him. There could be plenty of things in life which you could label as bad or evil. Fat Joe however thinks that being a snitch can be the worst thing in mankind. Joe is apparently not a Tekashi 6ix9ine fan, because he hates snitches.

On the latest installment of Big Boys Neighborhood radio show he pointed out that being a rat is the worst the worst thing in the history of mankind. Fat Joe can’t wrap his head around the idea of people telling authorities about people they are close to. It can affect families and ruin lives of children.

“God bless me and God bless all of us, but to me, the worst thing you can do in the history of mankind is be a rat. The worst, I just pray to God all the time, thank you man, that I never had to compromise my morals. To me, that’s the ugliest thing for your kids to be walking around Earth and people are like, ‘Yo, his father is a rat. He put down some good people.’ You have to understand, when you tell, you destroy families.”

Snitching seems to be a major issue in the entertainment industry and especially on the streets. It could be more prevalent in the music industry. There were multiple instances where big artists got snitched on and were given sentences upon trial.

6ix9ine could be the greatest example of such an incident. The rapper snitched on Anthony “Harv” Ellison that led to Ellison being sent to prison for 24 years on multiple charges. He was convicted for kidnapping and other charges connected to a racketeering conspiracy case.

More recently Lil Xan accused his manager of being an enabler for alcoholism and drug abuse. The manager apparently pushed the rapper to do substances that he normally wouldn’t do for the sake of performing well. This news shocked the media and everyone called him a snitch for that.

Morals make a people who they are and it’s very important for people to stick to them. Whether it’s for the good or bad is a subjective matter but snitching has led to large incidents and people need to be vary of that.

Anirban Biswas

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