Andy Cohen was called out on New Year’s Day for being intoxicated during a live show. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is most known for stirring controversy regularly. The drama recently escalated to an interview in which RHOBH star Brandi Glanville was called out for being intoxicated.

Several “Housewives” spoke with author Dave Quinn for his new book, “Not All Diamonds and Rosé: The Inside Story of The Real Housewives from the People Who Lived It,” but one interview, in particular, went awry. Quinn alerted co-hosts Tamra Judge and Tedd Mellencamp on the “Two T’s in a Pod” podcast that Brandi Glanville was intoxicated throughout their talk.

“She got drunk throughout the interview.”

Quinn conducted over 185 interviews, including those with Lisa Vanderpump and Carole Radziwill. He did it to write his book, which offers an inside peek at the “Real Housewives” series. Quinn chatted with various members of the franchise, but a couple, in particular, stood out.

Glanville departed RHOBH at the end of season five. Quinn stated that Glanville drank during their chat and even while they were conversing. Quinn had to terminate their interview because things had become so terrible.

“There was a certain point of our interview where I was like, ‘Brandi, I gotta to stop talking to you because I think you’re a little loaded and it doesn’t feel ethical anymore.”

Quinn did obtain some information from Brandi before things went south. Glanville revealed to Quinn that the affair she previously claimed she had with Denise Richards was true.

“She stands by her experience.”

Quinn isn’t the only author who has freely mentioned Glanville’s inebriation. Ross Mathews recounted in his book “Name Drop” that he invited Glanville to his house and things got interesting. According to The Sun, Ross revealed the incidents in his book.

“There was one thing on my breakfast buffet that was on Brandi’s diet. You guessed it: She grabbed the bottle of wine and said, ‘But I will have some of this!’”

“As more outfits were rotated in and out, I noticed that her bra wasn’t the only thing missing – the wine was gone, too. She held up the empty bottle and asked, ‘Do you have any more?’”

A lot is going on with the stars, both within and outside of RHOBH. They frequently make headlines, which keeps the show’s viewers engaged. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more information on their latest controversies.

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