Kyrie Irving is expected to make his Nets comeback very soon. Fans of the Brooklyn Nets are ecstatic because Kyrie Irving returns to the lineup today, after a long layoff. Kyrie will be eligible to play just road games for the remainder of the season because to his vaccination status, but the Nets are fine with it.

They’re well aware that COVID has decimated their roster, and they’d prefer to have as many bodies on hand as possible in case something dramatic occurs. Many people are wondering about Irving’s role today, as he plays his first game of the season against the Indiana Pacers.

There have been some doubts about whether he’ll get to start tonight’s game. Others aren’t much convinced that he’ll receive a lot of playing time. Nets head coach Steve Nash spoke to the media today, according to reporter Alex Schiffer, concerning Kyrie’s status.

Steve Nash says Kyrie Irving won’t be playing 38 minutes but the Nets feel fine giving him some extended run. Doesn’t say whether or not he will start tonight.

For the time being, the squad is undecided whether he’ll start, but they can reasonably predict that he won’t last more than 38 minutes. The team is confident in his ability to play big minutes down the stretch, but he is still being eased back into the game.

Regardless of Kyrie’s position, his presence in the lineup will undoubtedly generate attention and controversy. The point guard is a divisive character, and even though he hasn’t played since last year’s playoffs, the stakes will be high.

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