Andy Cartwright was a terrific rapper who was well-liked by many. Andy tragically died on 24 July 2020 at 30 in Russia. A very shocking report came through after an investigation was conducted into his death. It turns out his wife started dismembering his body while Andy Cartwright was still alive.

According to new forensic evidence obtained by The Sun, the wife of a well-known Russian rapper mutilated his body while he was still alive. Marina Kokhal, the 37-year-old wife of rapper Andy Cartwright, is accused of murdering and dismembering Cartwright before feeding the remains to rats.

Despite admitting to dismembering her husband, Kokhal argued she did not murder him. She claimed he died of an overdose. Kokhal explained that she sliced up his body to hide the fact that he died an “inglorious death.” She told prosecutors that she planned to file a missing person report.

Kokhal realized Cartwright was having an affair with a fan. Police claim they haven’t found any evidence that she was to blame for his death. The latest results from forensic investigations show that Cartwright may have been alive at the time he was dismembered, contrary to Kokhal’s assertions, he died from oxygen starvation.

Cartwright’s body was mutilated “shortly – a few minutes, dozens of minutes – before death,” according to the investigation. Cartwright was alleged to have died from “pronounced hypoxia,” according to sources.

Cartwright’s dismembered body parts were found nearby. Some were found in the fridge, bin liners outdoors, and Cartwright’s fingertips were allegedly fed to rats in the yard. Eight vital body parts, including his stomach and intestines, were not made available to forensic investigators, according to experts. The eight body parts were either reported missing or washed in a machine. There was also no “drop of blood” found in the remaining body pieces discovered, according to police.

Andy Cartwright really had a horrifying death. To know further updates of Cartwright Death stay tuned to Thirsty.

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