Peter Madrigal has been a staple since season 1 of ‘Vanderpump Rules’. Peter came into the limelight after starring in the Bravo reality show and fans have followed along with his life. Peter Madrigal recently confirmed that he’s single which surprised a few people.

Peter said If Vicki Gunvalson is looking for a younger man, there’s a man who is willing to SURve her. The 59-year-old former “Real Housewives of Orange County” star addressed recent chatter about her surprising single status in a Twitter thread. “Vanderpump Rules” alum advised her to contact him. Andy Cohen responded to Gunvalson’s issue with a tweet.

“If @vgunvalson doesn’t find a GREAT guy this year, it won’t be a good year. She deserves it. #FullLoveTankForVG.”

Cohen’s tweet drew a lot of attention, including one from Garcelle Beauvais of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”. She reminded the Bravo host that she is single too. “Vicki has been through it,” Cohen said of Beauvais, who is also deserving. To this Tweet, Gunvalson replied.

“Thanks @Andy I’m starting to lose hope that there are any good SINGLE loyal guys are around anymore. What is wrong with people?”

In response to Gunvalson’s tweet, “Vanderpump Rules” alum Peter Madrigal made her an offer.

“V- get a better picker! That last guy was a cheater & the guy before that was a lying liar & before that was Donn…you need spark in your love tank. I’m single BTW, hellooooo come to @SurRestaurant with your girls & let me host your return to being Single n’ Sassy! WhooHooo.”

Madrigal is a fan favorite from “Vanderpump Rules”. Some admirers would love to see him with Gunvalson. Now let’s wait whether they will be seen together as a couple or not. What do you think let us know in the comments. To know about the further reply of Gunvalson stay tuned to Thirsty.

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