Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are romantically linked and it’s been that way for a couple of months now. They have grown closer and closer while getting on the nerves of Kanye West. This time, however, the person under the spotlight is Kim.

Kim Kardashian has apparently made the decision to disconnect from pop star Miley Cyrus on Instagram. This news came after her special New Year’s Eve event in Miami with Pete Davidson. Everyone is wondering why would she do that and this makes it a very interesting topic.

A Miley Cyrus fan account, @MileyEdition, noted that Kardashian was following the pop star IG account on Dec. 10. Interestingly it was the same day that Cyrus went to Davidson’s condo after their “Tonight Show” appearance. On Tuesday it was discovered that Kim is no longer following Cyrus on IG.

Cyrus recently performed in Miami with Pete Davidson as they co-hosted a New Year’s Eve Party. The pop star shared some stunning photos with Davidson from their official photoshoot of the event. A few days later she shared some behind-the-scenes rehearsal pictures in which Pete appeared shirtless.

Fans are speculating whether this incident made Kim feel a certain way which resulted in her unfollowing Miley. The move could signal some three-way drama among Kardashian, Cyrus and Davidson. While Davidson spent his New Year’s Eve celebrations live on television with Cyrus, Kardashian was home in Los Angeles with her kids.

Pete was absent from the Kardashian/Jenner Christmas party. Now Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are vacationing in the Bahamas as they were seen boarding a private jet for a romantic getaway. Hopefully everything is going well among the new couple. We will find out more about this matter in the coming days.

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