Jill Scott’s name is getting a lot of buzz, but it’s not for a reason she would probably like. Another celebrity sex tape rumor has surfaced on social media, but it appears to be a false alarm this time … maybe. This week, Jill Scott was the subject of sex tape uproars on Twitter and those fans had a lot to say.

Fans clamored on and on over a purported sex tape of hers surfacing on the internet, and singer Jill Scott found herself trending on January 5, Wednesday morning. People rushed to uncover the recordings before they were taken down as a result of the rumors, which sparked a frenzy on social media sites like Twitter.

The sex tape rumors, however, may not have been true, as some have speculated. According to a number of people who tried and failed to find Jill Scott’s claimed sex tape on social media, it does not exist.

The phantom release shocked the internet, forcing the 49-year-old to resurface in trending topics. Scott has remained silent on the rumor of a sex tape. Scott’s tape would have been the first significant celebrity leak of the new year, coming only five days after the new year began.

As for now, Saucy Santana remains the most recent celebrity to have an explicit video leak on the internet, when fans discovered a video of the rapper supposedly having extramarital affairs with another man. Take a look at some of the responses to the Jill Scott leaked take rumors below.

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