Harry Styles, the former One Direction singer, is now well-known among his followers for his sense of style, particularly among women. As we have seen during the Astroworld Festival, crowd surge may be quite deadly. Recently, a female concertgoer in Harry’s Crowd sued venue because of a crowd surge.

One lady claimed that the crowd at a Harry Styles event in Los Angeles became so unruly that she was harmed. She has already filed a lawsuit against the venue. The lady alleges she went to The Forum in December 2019 to see Harry’s “Fine Line” album release concert.

According to the documents acquired by TMZ, she claims that during the event, a crowd surged towards the stage, knocking her to the ground by other concertgoers. The woman also claims that other people in the mob crushed her body, inflicting major injuries.

The complaint does not identify Harry as a plaintiff. She is suing The Forum, performance organizers, and ticketing agencies such as Live Nation, Stubhub, and Ticketmaster.

The woman argues in her complaint that the venue, promoters, and ticketing services failed to provide enough seating, lighting, security, supervision, and crowd management that night. She also explained that people in front of the stage were put in danger during the mob surges.

The fan is seeking compensation, alleging that her alleged injuries are chronic and debilitating, reducing her quality of life. TMZ reached out to MSG, which owns The Forum, but received no response.

The concert venue is responsible for protecting the people who come to see their favorite artists with their families. Let’s see how this pans out; stay tuned to Thirsty for further developments on this story.

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Shivangini Rawat

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