Cardi B has always taken a stand against all forms of bigotry. The rapper, who is openly bisexual herself, has often used social media to fight homophobes. Recently, Cardi has fought off trolls coming after Lil Nas X and Bobby Shmurda, and the rapper is not backing down any time soon.

In a recent tweet, the rapper called out homophobes yet again, mercilessly roasting them. In the aforementioned tweet, Cardi noted that if one is a homophobe, they must be unattractive.

Every bad bitch have a gay best friend or gay best friend cousin ……If you homophobic you just ugly.

It is not yet clear what, if anything, prompted this tweet from Cardi. However, in a time when some of the most prominent names in the rap world have been making homophobic statements, Cardi is a breath of fresh air.

In addition to this tweet, the rapper also recently officiated a same-sex wedding for Facebook Messenger’s “Cardi Tries” series.

Cardi has also been drawn praise from some, for acknowledging her problematic statements from the past, and growth. In 2019, the rapper answered allegations of transphobia, and promised to educate herself on the subject.

Here’s hoping that Cardi’s positive influence catches on. Check out her tweet below.

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