Baby Tate, formerly known as Yung Baby Tate altered her stage name last fall. She flexed her new major label deal with the release of her Warner Records debut single “PEDI”. Those who have heard Baby Tate’s song know she’s a self-proclaimed “petty ass bitch,” and on Tuesday afternoon, she demonstrated how petty she can be by trolling some of her detractors on Twitter.

Fans alleging that she hasn’t had a more successful music career because of colorism received the appropriate retort from Baby Tate. After one of her admirers posted, “Baby Tate would be further if her skin was lighter .. truth be told, because the talent is undeniable,” the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star responded with a flood of tweets before sharing an overly altered photo as a humorous shot at her critics.

In response to a fan’s assertion that colorism had kept the After The Rain singer from achieving greater fame, Baby Tate slammed back with a write up and the photoshopped picture.

Nobody misinterpreted your tweet. You think I have not been accepted in the industry due to my skin tone and body shape. And what I am telling you is that there is no woman lighter than me with no record deal that is further than me. If there is plz show me. I was independent.

“Y’all really let that lady convince you I was fat,” Baby Tate said, referring to Lil Baby’s first baby mother, Ayesha “Little Ms. Golden,” who sought to fat-shame her. To top it off, Baby Tate posted a photoshopped version of one of her recent images, in which her complexion was severely lightened and her butt was enlarged.

Finally, Baby Tate wrapped up the back-and-forth with fans by announcing that her first full-length release under Warner Records will be a double mixtape. She wrote that her next double mixtape is going to be her “MOST SUCCESSFUL PROJECT YET.”

What’s your take on this story? Is it detrimental for fans to downplay artists’ achievements because they have a preconceived notion of how successful they should be? And, despite her denial, does colorism play a role in Baby Tate’s development? Sound off in the comments!

Gunjan Nath

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