YG was arrested in January of 2020, an early morning arrest after heavily armored police men raided his place. He was a suspect in a robbery that had taken place. It’s taken him two years, but it seems like he finally might be able to put the whole situation in the past.

According to TMZ, The LA District Attorney’s Office refused to file charges against YG due to a lack of evidence to support his involvement in the crime. However, there is a chance that the rapper was in fact present on the scene when the crime took place.

The documents from the DA’s office says although YG was present on the scene, it was not enough evidence to hold him accountable for the crime.

Not enough evidence of what defendant did to aid and abet the crime. Presence during the crime alone is not sufficient.

YG’s lawyer Joe Tacopino personally had discussions with the DA and was successful in proving his client’s innocence. Tacopino said that the cops were holding a grudge against the rapper and saw this as an opportunity to harass him further. Obviously, this is the benefit of being able to afford your own attorney.

Tacopino also took shots at LA Sherriff’s Department and also implied that they should be paying up for the losses incurred. We will continue monitoring this ongoing story, but YG’s music might tell a lot about tale as time goes on.

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Darshan Sheth

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